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What's new weekly: a social media update - 22nd May 2018

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Facebook Tests New Rating System for Brand Pages

Facebook is reportedly working on a new scoring system for business Pages, which would rate them out of ten stars, and consider a range of measures.

Facebook’s states that they are testing a new score out of 10 to help people find great places more easily. The score is based on multiple ratings, reviews and recommendations people share.

By considering more than direct audience ratings, Facebook would expand its capacity to uncover more relevant business for users. This could also make the scores harder to game, as businesses wouldn’t know, for sure, what impacts them, helping to eliminate the impact of false reviews and concerted efforts to reduce a businesses’ standing.


Facebook Makes it Easier to Report Concerning Conversations in Messenger

Facebook has launched a new reporting feature within Messenger on mobile, making it easier to flag concerning conversations and users direct from the app.

the new option is available under the ‘Something’s Wrong’ option in user settings. To access it, users tap on the name of the person or group with whom they’re  having a conversation and scroll down to the bottom of the options list.

Facebook is also hiring thousands more moderators to deal with these reports, and other concerns.


Facebook Posts Update on Investigation into Potential Data Misuse by Apps

Face says that to date thousands of apps have been investigated and around 200 have been suspended pending a thorough investigation into whether they did in fact misuse any data.

This means that up to 200 different apps may have logged and stored user data, which would greatly expand upon the initial estimate of 87 million accounts affected by the Cambridge Analytica data-mining effort.

When Facebook finds evidence apps did misuse data, the company will ban them and notify users on this website. It will show people if they or their friends installed an app that misused data before 2015.



Facebook Continues to Test News Feed Options to Prompt More Engagement

Facebook’s latest experiment is a new ‘Posts from Across Facebook’ prompt which some users have seen appear mid news feed.

Once users scroll past this notification, a white bar remains along the top of the feed, which notifies them that they’re searching the top posts, relative to your interests, as opposed to Pages and people you follow.

The option is along similar lines to their alternate Explore Feed which they experimented with early this year, providing another way for Facebook to push more content into users feed. However, it also runs counter to the platform’s wider News Feed focus – the aim of the News Feed changes was to prioritize content from friends and family, not random discovery of other content users might like.


Facebook Adds Three New Options to Facebook Stories as Stories Usage Continues to Climb

The new tools are specifically focused on the Indian market – one of the company’s fastest-growing user bases – but will be rolled out to all users soon.

Audio Posts – The first new feature is audio posts, which will enable users to post audio clips to their Facebook Stories, accompanied by a colourful background.

Facebook Stories Archive – Facebook will also add a new Stories archive to Facebook, like what they added to Instagram back in December.

Save to Facebook The last new update will enable users to save their Facebook Camera clips and images direct to Facebook, as opposed to taking up room on their device.  


Facebook Reports Facebook Stories Usage, Begins Testing of Stories Ads

Facebook says that Facebook Stories now has 150 million daily active users, which they define as anyone who’s opened a Story on Facebook (within the app or on desktop).

Several Facebook executives – including Mark Zuckerberg – have said that Stories are the future of social interaction and will soon overtake the News Feed as the most popular social sharing option. According to Facebook, that’s set to happen sometime this year.

Facebook is now testing its first Facebook Stories ads, with 5 to 15 second, skippable spots now appearing for some users. there are no click-through or call-to-action buttons on these yet, but they will be coming soon. Advertisers can also extend their Instagram Stories ads to Facebook Stories.


Instagram Officially Launches Ability to Re-Share User Posts in Stories

Instagram has announced that the capacity to share regular, public Instagram posts to Instagram Stories is now being rolled out to all users.

As per Instagram: “When you come across something in feed that inspires you — like a post from a friend raising money for a cause or a photo of a new design from your favourite brand — you can now quickly share that post as a sticker to your story for your friends and followers to see.”

To share a story, users tap the airplane button below the post and see a new option to “Create a story with this post” (middle image above).  Once selected, users be able to use the post as a sticker, with a customised background ready to share. The sticker can be rotated, scaled and moved. The original poster’s details will be included with the re-used post as well.


Twitter Implements Reach Restrictions on Anti-Social Tweets

Twitter has long been criticized for its lack of action against trolls and abuse, which many people would say significantly detracts from the Twitter experience. The new algorithm update, which could be a big turning point for this, will limit the exposure of tweets from accounts which see regular complaints.

If users do fall foul of these rules, the reach impacts could be significant –  tweets will not be visible at all in public conversations or search, but they won’t be removed either (as they don’t violate Twitter’s rules). Tweets will be hidden behind a ‘View more results’ note – which, by Twitter’s thinking, will make the conversation better and more engaging.

There are obvious merits to this update however, as this process is automated you won’t be contacted if your tweets are hidden. It’s also concerning as it’s not human-reviewed, there is scope for competitors to cause users penalties by mass reporting their account.


Snapchat Rolls Out 6-Second, Unskippable Ads in Shows

The 6-second ads are not being inserted in or around user content, they’ll only be available within Snap’s shows, the professionally created content published to the app from companies like Disney, Viacom and ESPN.

This move goes against Snapchat’s ethos with CEO Evan Spiegel specifically noting that his company was against the ‘creepy’ targeted ad approach used by other social platforms back in 2015.


Other Interesting Stuff…

Royal Wedding round-up: how top brands are marking Harry & Meghan’s nuptials

Ever since Prince Harry plucked up the courage to propose to Suits actress Meghan Markle over a roast chicken, the Royal Wedding media frenzy has been mounting, and now – for better or for worse – some of the nation’s best-known brands are marked the big day in their own special way:

Tesco: Sticking to the food theme, Tesco married up a few traditional British meals with some American treats. Throwing tradition aside, the superstore created the likes of Earl Grey Iced Tea to toast the happy couple, Full English Nachos to share and Eton Mess S’mores for sweet treats.

Soda Stream: Soda Stream used the Royal Wedding as an occasion to highlight the fight against single-use plastic, as it prepares to auction off a number limited edition bottles for charity. Each bottle is donned with a hat, as per British wedding tradition, with the money raised per bottle being donated to a plastic-free charity.

View more here.


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Friday 5 | 5 Five Key Highlights From F8

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Why it Matters by @Hirsch, Adam


On May 1st and 2nd, Facebook held its F8 Developer Conference in San Jose, CA. As it was my first time attending, I tried to soak in as much as possible, went to over ten sessions in-person, watched many more online and spent considerable time on the expo floor talking to the different product teams set up there. The most valuable part was to have the opportunity to have these experts answer my questions on the spot. And of course, news outlets and social media were buzzing with new announcements and updates coming out of this conference.


With all keynote sessions and overall conversations at F8, here are five key highlights:


  1. User Privacy

The conference made it clear that Facebook is focused on protecting users. Pervasive throughout every major session, this focus means that users will gain even more control and flexibility over the coming months. This includes features such as a “Clear History” button to more user-friendly controls. The continuous highlighting of user privacy and control came through words such as “Build for users”… and with a focus on building “together” for “good”.


  1. Doing Good

Every new product and initiative will aim to ask the question: “is it good for the user”. This ranges from new products and features to the main social experience. The aim of doing good will extend to crisis situations, with a focus on wellness, including the expansion of their blood donations technology. The last Day 2 keynote included amazing stories and statistics showcasing what they are already doing.  During their Authenticity and Quality in News Feed  session, they discussed how AI and algorithms are meant to predict the most relevant newsfeed content, using the same technologies to prevent terrorist, graphic violence and fake news from entering users’ feeds in the first place.


  1. Artificial Intelligence and the Importance of Data

AI was a prevalent throughout every session. It’s how Facebook “works”. The entire Day 2 keynote focused on the applications of AI and the importance of its underlying data. They discussed how AI is used to program the news feed and how it powers new intelligent products, including AR. If you want to understand the power of AI, I strongly encourage you to watch the Day 2 keynote, which was very fascinating.


  1. Social Video

Video on Facebook and platforms will become even more social. Facebook is launching Watch Party (synchronized group video watching) and a similar version of that for Oculus (VR). Watch Party is similar to Twitter’s live TV experiences and has the potential to gain a lot of traction once it’s formally launched. Facebook is also going to roll out group video calling to Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. There were also new enhancements to creating livestreaming group experiences, and we can expect many more announcements to come.


  1. Messenger

There are an impressive 300,000 monthly active bots and have been 8 billion messages to businesses. In addition, there were quite a few announcements including  new AR + social video features and a new “streamlined” design coming soon. However, according to most developers I talked to, there are many more announcements to come in the next few months. I spent a lot of time talking to Messenger engineers and related chatbot platform partners, so please reach out if you have any questions.


Overall the mood was excited for what’s to come, and for the potential of AI, AR and related technologies to become more mainstream this year. in addition, based on my conversations throughout F8, expect to hear more from Facebook throughout 2018. Finally, as promised, here are some of my favorite recaps from F8: Here’s everything that happened at F8 today, Mashable… Everything Facebook announced at F8 2018, VentureBeat… and 5 biggest announcements from Facebook’s F8 2018 developer conference, The Boy Genius Report, Watch Facebook’s F8 opening keynote in under 15 minutes, Engadget.

Friday 5 | How to Marry Creativity + Data in a Mobile-Only World, 27th April 2018

Culture, Digital, General, Media, Technology

Friday 5 | How to Marry Creativity + Data in a Mobile-Only World


Why it Matters by Alberto  Brea


For years people have been talking about mobile first, but it is fair to talk about mobile only.  Two thirds of consumers are spending the majority of their time on their mobile devices. People have an intimate connection with their mobile devices, which houses all their information.  Therefore, we must be sensible in the way we use mobile information.
Here are five key considerations when combining creativity and data in a mobile-only world:

  1. Develop Ideas That Stretch Through the Journey 

People can go from awareness to consideration in a touch or voice order on their mobile devices. This means that ideas need to be elastic to travel at the speed of the customer.  They must be built on clear insights that can stretch through the funnel, driving effectiveness. They need to leverage behavioral data to engage with customers based on where they are on their journey.


  1. Focus on the Decisive Moments 

People are more loyal to their current needs than they are to any specific brand. According to Google research, 65 percent of smartphone users agree that when searching on their devices, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information. This means that we need ideas that are contextually relevant as people are making decisions on the spot. We need to integrate life events, location, and/or behavior data into creativity to be there when it matters.


  1. Create Ideas That Travel Organically 

Today, you cannot demand attention; you need to earn it. People don’t want to be interrupted by ads. They don’t want to get sold on stuff that they don’t want when they don’t want it. For the most part, they distrust the message coming from advertisers. They are more trusting of communication coming from customers. They have the motivation, the technology (ad blockers) and the option (ad- free subscriptions) to avoid interruption. This means that we need to marry data and creativity with a purpose to make it worth sharing.


  1. Marry Creativity and Media

Brand building in social requires a full funnel approach. This means aligning the right number of assets with the right messages for each phase at the right frequency. The more you have a perfectly aligned story, the more likely customers will engage and take action.  Today, this is increasingly critical as customer attention is less than a goldfish, which is about 9 seconds.


  1. Try to Collapse the Funnel

New creative formats in social platforms such as carousel, and canvas enable customers to move from awareness to purchase in just one swipe. Brands no longer need to dictate the cadence of engagement to their audience. They can create mobile experiences that combine video, photos, GIFs and call-to-action buttons to allow people to click, scroll, swipe, and tap on the social platform, so they can engage with the brand exactly the way they want.


For instance, using Canvas, men’s clothing brand Mr. Porter gave its fans a sneak peak of their athletic wear. In the ad, users can scroll through product categories, and click through to the company’s website to see a product they’re interested in buying.


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