Galaxy's Title Sponsorship of Dublin Fashion Festival


GALAXY® has enjoyed a long association with style, from campaigns featuring style icon Audrey Hepburn to the creation of Ireland’s first ever GALAXY® Style Exchange in 2014. Accessible style has always been a part of the brand’s DNA. However, in 2016 GALAXY® needed a fresh approach through which to build deeper, more meaningful connections with its audience.

Edelman decided to take GALAXY’s® relationship with style to the next level by securing title sponsorship of the Dublin Fashion Festival (DFF), a property that had previously been underutilised. DFF, Ireland’s premier style event, is designed to be inspiring and accessible to all and reflects GALAXY's® brand position as an everyday indulgence. The title sponsorship enabled GALAXY® to drive awareness and engagement by connecting with its target audience.


Edelman focused on driving awareness of the title sponsorship efficiently, effectively and with maximum impact. With GALAXY® we turned the sponsorship of a week-long festival into a five month, high-impact campaign. Edelman negotiated a sponsorship announcement in May, for which we recruited a panel of style icons to discuss GALAXY's® research into Ireland’s relationship with style.

With frockadvisor, we hosted #GALAXYStyle Blogger Workshops, facilitating a connection between established influential experts on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with aspiring bloggers. This created a rich conversation with GALAXY® at its heart and allowed us to recruit a bank of social reporters for when DFF went live. We employed Instagram Stories to give our community a behind the scenes look during the week DFF launched. Similarly, live streaming opened up every major event of Dublin Fashion Festival to a wide audience.


The campaign drove reach, by placing the sponsorship in the right context, using multi-media platforms and influential voices to ensure that Galaxy became synonymous with the Dublin Fashion Festival.

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