Low-Cost Flights Changed Everything


As Europe’s favourite airline, Ryanair operates more than 1,600 daily flights, connecting 194 destinations in 31 countries. While Ryanair has always been known for having the lowest fares, the airline recognised that it needed to fix things customers didn’t like, while continuing to deliver an enjoyable and low-cost travel experience.

In March 2014, following an extensive listening exercise with customers, Ryanair launched its ‘Always Getting Better’ programme to enhance the overall Ryanair experience. This focused on improving every touchpoint for customers, including mobile booking, online check-in, a smoother boarding process, and a friendlier on-board service.


Evolving customer experience

Communications played a key role in the evolution of the Ryanair customer experience. Customers were given the opportunity to suggest changes through a series of interactive sessions on Twitter with the Ryanair CEO and other senior executives. This was combined with customer research and feedback in order to develop the ‘Always Getting Better’ programme.

The programme was launched at an exclusive media event in London, attended by Europe’s leading journalists. Following the programme launch, the ‘Always Getting Better’ campaign was rolled out over an initial 12-month period. Edelman worked with Ryanair to launch a series of new products and services.

These included: allocated seating, an enhanced website, free small second carry-on bag, reduced boarding card and airport bag fees, and a new mobile app with mobile boarding passes. Based on customer feedback, Ryanair also knew that it needed to enhance its offer to families and businesses, so Family Extra and Business Plus were introduced.


Combined with Ryanair’s low fares, the ‘Always Getting Better’ programme has delivered an enhanced experience and is attracting millions of new passengers. In 2015 Ryanair will become the first EU airline ever to carry over 103m customers. The year 2 rollout of ‘Always Getting Better’ is underway, with Ryanair continuing to introduce new and improved products and services.

As a result of the ‘Always Getting Better’ campaign, there has been a notable increase in positive media coverage, with Ryanair’s improved image being a key factor in the airline’s stellar performance.

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