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Edelman was tasked with this category brief to increase awareness and understanding around the benefits of Growing Up Milk. Edelman conducted focus group research, which revealed that many parents did not realise their toddlers have specific nutritional needs. Toddlers, although tiny, require almost four times more iron than an adult per kilogramme body weight per day, yet one in four toddlers aged one in Ireland are not getting the right amount of iron, which is a key nutrient in supporting brain development.

By the time toddlers reach three years, their brain has grown to around 80 percent of its full size. In addition, toddlers also need five times more calcium and five times more vitamin D per kilogramme of their body weight per day. The research also found that parents struggle with translating the food pyramid into high-chair meals.


Based on these insights, Edelman responded with an exciting and innovative campaign platform: Toddlebox. In April 2015, Ireland’s newest toddler nutrition website was launched, with a call to action for seven parents of fussy toddlers to get involved in the Toddlebox Challenge.

Toddlebox is a supportive online community where parents can engage with other parents who, just like them, can sometimes find mealtimes a struggle. The Toddlebox Challenge was designed to trigger parents to think about their toddler’s nutrition and to support them in addressing their concerns. The challenge went behind the scenes with each of the chosen seven families, recording their toddler mealtimes on an iPad for two weeks. Each family was offered support from Toddlebox expert dietitian Sarah Keogh.

Videos were shared with the wider Toddlebox community on www.toddlebox.ie for other families seeking advice and tips on feeding their toddlers. To support the launch, Edelman conducted a study that revealed interesting statistics on toddler nutrition. The research revealed that 67% of Irish parents have experienced fussy eating with their toddler, and almost 50% have abandoned a planned meal due to their toddler’s tantrums or refusals to eat.

Celebrity Endorsement

Edelman also secured first-time dad and Irish TV presenter Dáithí Ó Sé and his wife Rita to come on board as Toddlebox ambassadors for the launch.



Toddlebox allowed parents to realise that their toddlers’ intake was not as good as they previously thought. This moment of realisation was captured through video by parents and shared on Toddlebox.ie. As a consequence, Toddlebox acted as a catalyst to trigger the relevance of Growing Up Milk and was a credible source of parental support.

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