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Letting children play a part in all the stages of food preparation helps them build healthy habits and a relationship with food that can last a lifetime.

Ben’s Beginners commissioned a survey of Irish children to understand the benefits of parents and children cooking together.

The research found that given the chance, 79% of children would like to cook more with their parents, and that many struggled to identify commonly used vegetables.


Uncle Ben's wanted to communicate the relationship benefits of children and parents cooking together. They also wanted to encourage parents to teach their children a life skill that can ultimately support a healthier future.

The campaign kicked off with a cooking competition on the Uncle Ben’s Facebook page, and Edelman secured the help of Ireland rugby legend and dad of five, Ronan O’Gara, to lead the campaign. Ronan and his daughter hosted ‘Cook Togethers’ with Ben’s Beginners, which ran across national TV and provided rich content for Uncle Ben’s social channels.


The campaign made significant impact, with the Uncle Ben's brand experiencing a 13% sales increase. Media targets for the campaign were also exceeded.

Exceeded KPI of 1.2m Twitter impressions, reaching

Exceeded KPI of campaign reach of 21m

As well as the above, Edelman agreed KPIs of 16 national and 25 online pieces of coverage - and secured 23 national and 26 online pieces. Beyond Twitter, Edelman set Facebook KPIs of 10,000 likes, comments and shares and achieved over 18,000.

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